VIDEO: A video on how to vote by mail in Chicago.

By Chris Katsaros

Northwestern University student David Flores shared his fundamental reasoning behind choosing to vote by mail in this election.

“I chose to vote by mail because I was kind of scared to go in person, given the…

By Chris Katsaros and Enrique Luna

While New York has had the largest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases by a wide margin, the other states in the top 10 most infected have fluctuated.

The state of Illinois is the 6th largest in the United States by population. Confirmed cases of COVID-19 are expected to peak in mid-May.

Cook County encompasses the Chicagoland area, which is seeing a pattern and expected peak similar to the rest of Illinois.

COVID-19 has not been affecting every demographic in Chicago equally. The disparities in confirmed cases among different demographics is alarming.

State Data: Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering

Chicago Data: City of Chicago

Chris Katsaros

Communications Major at UIC Aspiring Sports Journalist

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